Exhibition Opening, May Contain Traces Of Nu…

Exhibition Opening, May Contain Traces Of Nuts Version 1

I think about 40 people turned up for the opening, which is all I was expecting. It’s a good crowd and quite easy to “circulate” around. Richard Bennett said some quite nice things and his notes ended up in the hands of a Mercury feature writer for a potential feature story on young Tasmanian photographers that she is planning.

I even got up and said some thank yous and introduced the Tasmanian premier of “The Renegades Of Folk”. Who proceeded to sing a song called “Wombat is the best photographer in the world” and a song called “Where’s My Credit?” proving that my constant whinging about not getting photo credits when people use my images didn’t go un noticed. I’ll try getting some recordings of the songs up on the website soon for people to download. Wow… imagine having downloadable songs on a photographers website, I am going totally multi media, next thing you will be able to do is download images to set as your phone screensaver or as a template for you wallpaper (not your windows wallpaper, I’m talking a design to make real wall paper on so that you can put it in your house then repaper over it many times so that in 100 years a nice couple buy the place and decide to renovate and take off the layers of paper and discover the images and they then get a little spot on the news saying how amazing it is that they found this paper, may even get some expert from the museum to look at it and say “it’s a cool find”. Could happen… maybe).

I normally don’t like exhibition openings, but this one was great, it was filled with people I know and like, friends, photographers and even some people that I only met the previous night. I guess it was really just a social occasion with a small amount of backslapping. I’ve been to quite a few boring exhibition openings, you get the wine, you get the cheese, you look at the exhibition, you listen to someone talk, you drink some more. This opening set the standard for what I want to achieve with my future openings, lots of stuff to drink, and make it entertaining. The Melbourne exhibition is going to be opened by Greg Fleet, so that should get things going, and I will probably try get some other performance happening. It would probably be a bit egotistical to have the Renegades sing again, especially if they just sing the same song. It’s ok to have a song that praises you if you don’t’ know it’s going to happen, but getting them to play that song when you know it praises you is probably going a little too far.