Family Of Season – Details

Thanks for jumping into my Family Of The Season Competition. It’s pretty straight forward… so here is the info…

To kick off the competition, I’ll post a photo of all the families. Then, there will be a link to the entry form for people to vote for their favourite family. The family with the most votes at the end of the voting period wins!

The prize is either $800 towards artwork from a previous or future session. Plus read on because just for sharing, you also will get a little something even if you don’t take home the biscuits. 

Who votes, you ask?
About 40% of the voters are regular Photobat folk who hang about and have been clients for years and have family photos on their walls.

50% is people YOU know who want you to win. If you share a couple of times on socials over the competition times, it does help get some votes.. and also gets photobat in the eyes of people who might want a family portrait! PLUS if you do share a couple of times, I’m going to give you a little something to say thank you… I’ll keep it a surprise, but everyone who has had one in the past has loved it.

The other 10% are just random people who happen to be following along on the Photobat socials.

The people who vote have the opportunity to select whether they want to be entered into the draw to win a voter prize, which is typically a session + artwork/file. 

Unlike a lot of other places that do competitions like this, not everyone wins a prize. The number of prizes varies depending on the number of votes. It’s typically about 15-25% of people who enter randomly get picked. Sometimes, that means multiple people you know will get picked, so if at the end of the competition, you get some people saying, “We all won!” but that’s not what actually happened; it’s just randomly coming out that way!

And now I just need a couple of details, mainly the name I can use on the competition and some social media names I can tag you with.

Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions


Family Of The Season Details

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Sometimes, I've got no idea what names families go by so i don't want to use a name that you don't go by!

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