Family Portrait Photography | Will Family

I do get asked occasionally what the best thing about being a photographer is. Is it getting to shoot semi famous people?* Is it being flown around places?** Is is hard holding 3+ Kilos of camera in your hand through a long father of the brides speech?***

But he answer is much simpler, i love catching up with people and meeting them, their families and finding that by the end of the process we are friends. I’m luck that I can call Craig and Monica (and their families) friends. Jump at any opportunity to catch up with them. This time I had my camera and we updated their canvas collection they started with their wedding.

And yes, Sabine and Lila are really cute, just look at those eyes! And let’s not forget Basil who while being cute may have been a little excited to see me (or anyone in general!)

* they are just people
** yes, that is kinda cool but i do miss my girls when I’m by myself
*** No one has asked this question but it’s why I generally see a chiropractor after a wedding shoot