Over the years we have come to recognise some great businesses who we think you will love as well. Here are a few of our faves.

Sunny King Stand Up Paddle Boards

I’ve always loved paddle boarding and when it was time to get my own I met Nick and Paige and fell in love. A local family business who are passionate and just awesome. 

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Two Bob Snob

This is where you will catch me a couple of times a day… they are my caffeine dealers of choice, especially first thing in the morning where they are open super early. 

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Tee Party

Kids love sleepovers, and thTeeParty super charges it. They combine and set up an amazing experience for your kids, with heaps of themes to choose from.

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Bromley's Bread

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I have a problem with bread…. I like it too much. Add in a bakery that has lots of great pastries then I’ve got a real problem. 

And the Bromley’s Bread bakeries in Cheltenham and Ormond is the best spot for getting your fix if you also have the same problem. 

Visit them at

Toot Toot Toys

I was so used to toy shops being like a supermarket, big shelves stacked and just a huge pile of stuff everywhere. It’s SO refreshing to go to a toy shop that is passionate about what they do and is so well laid out that you really get to enjoy the shopping experience. 

Visit them at

Kingston Collective

I stumbled upon the Kingston Collective when I was searching for a business… I forget what it was not because I got hooked and became a member of this great business group. Nat (family pictured) is amazing at connecting businesses to customers, and also businesses to businesses! 

Check them out  at