WELCOME TOM! Family portrait melbourne with pets

I love photographing a newborn, the pets and a new families first portrait!

Two years ago I received an enquiry that selected “I have $x million dollars your long lost uncle left you” in my contact form. When someone clicks this one I’m pretty sure they are going to be awesome. Matt was wanting some photos at their engagement party, nothing unusual about that. Then when I was at the party I discovered that Matt was 100% awesome and his other half Claire was also 100% awesome making a total of 200% extra awesome!

Just from being around their family and friends and the little interaction we had during the night you could feel the fun of this couple. Matt even got dressed up as Robin to propose to his Batman!

Fast forward to today and when you mix 200% awesome there is always going to be an explosion, and that explosion is Tom! We were supposed to meet when you were in Claire’s tummy but that silly covid got in the way. Luckily at 5 weeks we managed to make it all happen as my first out of lockdown session.

Claire really wanted to include all the family members in one of the photos, with a rather excited pup and two cats who weren’t that keen for a photo I was going to be my kind of chaos. Everyone did exceptionally and I believe this is one of my favourite newborn photos of all time!

After the initial photo was captured, we acted like cats and jumped over the back fence to expose the wilderness that is the suburban northern suburbs. A fantastically unkempt greenway proved the best little nest for some nature-inspired photos and then just next to that a beautiful little bit of urbanises for some contrast.

The result of all this was a lot of socially distanced air high fives and smiles. One day I want to grow up to be as cool as Family Fro-Smo, I’m sure everyone who comes past them gets a little sprinkle of their awesomeness on them too.