General Update On Stuff Well, my exhibition print…

General Update On Stuff

Well, my exhibition prints are all done and at the framer. I can’t believe it’s only 2 and a bit weeks till the Sydney part opens. It’s good to be doing somthing in Sydney a place where I have never shown any works, and also good that the space is free.
Melbourne is coming along slowly. There is quite a bit to still be done and I really have to concertrait on it to get the most out of it.
Time management is a problem for me, I have a bit of work on, i’m sure I could make it go away quicker, but I think i’m stuck in a place where if I spread the work out I feal bussier. Have to condence, if I do that I get more time to work on other projects.
Finances will be vert strained the next few months… and probably will be all year. Impuls purchases will be reduced to nothing… I tihnk my last impulsive purchase of a ticket to the UK was a bit too much.

A wedding is resizing to go off to the printers in the background, I have My Friend The Chocolate Cake on in the background, i’m also copying files from flash cards… i’m tired.. I should sleep now.