Georgia and Michael Elopeing at the Feather

Last week while the world was watching an election in a far away land, I was out witnessing Michael and Georgina exchange vows at the Red Feather Inn. Another special thing about this elopement was that it was shared with their son Remi, who was the ring bearer.

These guys are worldly, meeting in London and eventually settling down in Warnambool and then deciding to get married in Tasmania.

 The girls from the Red Feather were in tears!

 After the ceremony we took a few photos around the property and in the Inn itself.

Meanwhile, super celebrant Barb Youd was busy looking after Remi and eventually got him to sleep!

I hope you guys had the most amazing time in Tasmania and i’m sure you will be back. I’m looking forward to showing you the rest of your photos soon. Thank you again for letting us share your elopement.