Gettin’ Dirty

As promised… the dirty shoot! This is Sharron with her kids Caitlyn and Brandon. And it all started out quite civil… apart from the rain, but we were only hiding in the rotunda for about 5 minutes untill it stopped.

Notice how clean everyone is, Brandon is wearing a new t-shirt!

the ball that they bought along to play with ended up landing in some mud, and instead of cleaning the ball so there was no mud on it, Caitlyn decided it needed more mud on it and procedded to get alot more mud all over the ball her hands. She then expertly transfered the mud onto Brandon, who retaliated and the war was begun!

As everyone was dirty, there was no need to be precious about keeping clean, so some more dirtier shots were taken before it was mum’s turn to get a bit dirty.

So just to make sure that there was a full load of washing, Mum was attacked by both her kids with some dirtly leaves!

This was probably the dirtiest shoot i’ve ever done! And yes, i too had to wash my clothes afterwards as Caitlyn also took a liking to throwing dirty leaves at the photographer! I didn’t mind too much, we did get some brilliant shots!