Getting around to it. There is a lot to get aroun…

Getting around to it.

There is a lot to get around to. I think I’m on top of all the wedding work, all the albums are on their way to their new homes, or will be arriving back to me in the next couple of weeks for dispatching. I’m really happy wit the way they have been turning out. I just ordered a large and a small sample album for my office space… Once I get it.

It’s tempting to put lots of things on the credit card so that I have them. I’m not going to be weak. I nearly bought some coffee cups for my office yesterday. But I resisted. Then I bought a few shirts, well… I need them.

I procrastinated a bit this weekend. I did manage to do a couple of shoots, a wedding enquiry meeting and get a little of my tax stuff done but I haven’t even got close to being on top of things that I wanted to be on top of by now.

Last weekend I made a marketing plan for the new financial year. Down to the week, what I need to be doing. I’ve been on the plan for a week, and it’s safe to say I’m now a week behind on it. Not a good start.

I did spend a bit of time with some new muso / inspiring friends, which involved more than one very late night. I need to get the whole 9 – 5 work things going so that I can spend time out in the evening and not get behind on things. So big effort this week.

Working on my new look at the moment, the new photobat logo is in the bag and website plans are coming together. It will be a fairly big change. I’ll probably be using a new web designer. My brother Bruce has been doing a great job for the last 3 years in maintaing the website. So I have tot hank him a lot for all the time and effort that he has put in.

UK is coming along very quickly. It’s a bit worrying with these bomb things going on over there. I’ve been addicted to terrorist news since September 11. It’s kind of like the X-files, After a while I only tuned in for the alien stories, not all the other random ones. Same thing with news for me at the moment, Terrorist activity means that there will be 24 hour news, when London happened I watched for about 5 hours, a mix of BBC world, Sky News, ABC and Seven. Gradually it fades away and I’m back in my little world where everything is a long way away. Until next month, when I’ll be there. I’m sure things are going to be very paranoid over there for a few months so I think I’ll be fine
Tomorrow I’m off to take photos of some Refugees. Benny Walter and I are working on a project which will involve large portrait prints of 10 refugees from diverse backgrounds who all now live in Launceston. Benny will be doing some interviews with them to learn their story and we will put that along side the photos. It will be very interesting. Exhibition is scheduled for October.

And as for everything else, i’ll get around to it soon.