Getting inspired!

This week I had the opportunity to go on coordinating a workshop with one of Australia’s top wedding photographers, Rocco Ancora. He’s so good that Vikashni and I have him booked for our wedding!

The day was all looking to be perfect, no fog! The last time we had a speaker in Launceston their flight was cancelled due to fog and I had to quickly book him onto another flight so he actually arrived to do his presentation. This time it was a security scare that threw the spanner in the works. I managed to get a local photographer, and mentor of mine, Rob Burnett, to do a presentation at the last minute, while I waited at the airport to pick up Rocco, whose plane arrived 2 hours late!

It’s always fantastic to see how other photographers work and bounce ideas off one another on how we all do things. I am really inspired from the session today, so look out anyone booked in for a portrait soon, I’ll be trying out some new lighting techniques that will make your shots even better!

I keep in quite regular contact with many photographers around the country, most of who I’ve met through the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Australia’s top organization for photographers. Having all these people to talk to, share ideas and generally chat about photography is one of my major educational tools. We all help each other out which benefits all our clients! Photographers are a magnificent bunch, and if you are an aspiring photographer, I really recommend you join the AIPP and go to some meetings, it’s the best way to continually evolve your photography!

Check out Rocco’s website. The photo at the top is a quick snap I took at the end of the day when we retired to a local bar to discuss airline security.

 Next time we get a speaker down they are going to be booked on a flight arriving the night before!