Gibbons Wedding

Last weekend I had the pleasure of having a fun time shooting Michael and Georgie’s wedding in Launceston. It’s been a while since I have had a wedding through the Gorge, so I was really excited to be shooting it. It all started with bbq breakfast at Michael’s parents place where I managed to get this cool reflection in the salt and pepper shakers.

Then off to Stillwater to find Georgie and her friends having a very nice looking breakfast. I can’t wait to get back down there for breakfast soon. Of course, the interesting Hen’s night conversations were as good as the food, but a bit more on the risque side!

When we arrived back at Michael’s parents place, it was time to shoot and we got these really great shots in the living room and out on the street in front of the house.

Back in the car and zoomed over to Georgie’s parents place where her and the girls were putting all the final touches on then having some fun shots about the place. These girls cracked me up, there was one set shot they requested, and it involved hiking boots, ugg boots and teva sandals.

Off to the Fairy Dell in the Cataract Gorge for the ceremony.

A good celebrant is like a Boy Scout, always prepared. Barb Youd sets the standard by supplying Aeroguard for the protection of the bride from winged bitey insects.

I loved these kids, just hanging out watching the events and most importantly didn’t disturb the ceremony, unlike those noisy peacocks.

We followed up the ceremony with a bit of horse play on the play equipment

Michael and Georgie spent a heap of time hanging out at the Gorge before they moved off to Bendigo, so these locations have extra special meanings.

Huge thanks again for letting me shoot the day, i’m really wrapped in how the shots came out and when ever you stop sunning yourselves in Thailand I’ll get them to you!