Glen and Bernie

Wow. How is this for a around, engaged in Paris earlier at the end of last year, married less than three months later on the east coast of Tasmania. BAM! And it couldn’t be more perfect. Glen was best man in Georgie and Garth’s wedding a couple of years back and it was fantastic to catch up with a few familiar faces at this big day.

I say big day, but really it was a peaceful small ceremony at Avalon overlooking the sea with big clouds. Only close friends and family were in attendance, making it feel even more special for us to be there to document it.

After the ceremony, it was to the beach with a couple of special friends each. Nature was good to us, no rain but perfect clouds and light. Such an amazing place to be sharing with a very happy couple.

Thanks again Glen and Bernie for such a fantastic experience, here are some photos to get you started. Many more where these came from!

 Rings: Georg Jenson Location: Avalon (Email) Celebrant: Annie Giarrusso