Go Glenn Daniels – Super Shooter

Many Launceston folk would remember a few years ago there a photorgapher at the Examiner called Glenn Daniels. He ran off got married and had a baby and started to work for a suburban newspaper in Melbourne. I just found out that he has made it onto the short list for the News Awards Photographer of the Year. Which I think is pretty dam cool, he’s up agains photogaphers from much much bigger newspapers who had a hell of alot more oppotunities than he does for good images.

Well done Glenn, I really hope you get up into the final, win it and get a trophy or somthing!

This shot was taken Christmas Day 2005, we were both alone for the day so once Glenn had finished work we went and hung out near some old boats, ate oysters and drank some beer. I also took some photos, which I know you will find unusual for me!