Goodbye to the bakery portrait session

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Johnson Family for a family portrait with a little bit of a difference. The location for the portraits was the reason for the photos. Steve and Judy have been running JJ’s Bakery in Longford for years and decided to move on. So these photos were a farewell to be business as well as some family shots.

This shot is at Table 10. This is apparently where everything happened, from business plans to drinks with friends. It seems that this table was one of the historic parts of the old mill building.

Did I mention these guys are master bakers? Steve has won so many awards, so a quick photo with the trophy was in order. Steve is still baking, his Christmas cakes are fantastic and you can buy them up at K&H Cafe and Resturaunt on George Street in Launceston (Old Cafe Manfred).

Incidentaly, Kara (above) is one of the managing directors of K & H on George Street in Launceston!


This last shot is Steve at his favourite spot in the Bakery, next to his Pizza Oven. While these guys may have retired, they have not gone too far. Apparently Judy is still there everyday, While Steve is busy making those amazing Christmas cakes. I really do suggest you go and get yourself one to try and another one to try again!