Who is the funnest grade 6er’s?

Help Me Decide The Funnest Grade 6's of 2020

This year I photographed a heap of Time Of Your Lives sessions for Grade 6 kids. Their year, like all of ours, had been thrown into disarray with all the usual fun things about Grade 6 being cancelled so we did some fun friendship shoots to help send of the year.

I want to reward one group of kids with a trip to the cinemas but I can’t decide who is the funnest as they were all pretty fun!

Have a look below and see what group is your favourite and put in your vote in the form below. The group of kids with the most votes on percentage* (to make it fair) on Friday 18th of December at 3.30pm will all receive a ticket to the movies! 

Note: 1 entry per person / email address will be counted

1: Black Rock Beach

2: Brighton Beach

3: Sandy Primary

4: Shipston Reserve

5: Sandringham Beach

6: Cheltenham Park


How votes will be tallied:
As there are different numbers of kids in each group, to make it fair the votes will be divided by the number of kids in each group to come up with a percentage For example a group of 10 kids who receive 100 votes (100/10 = 10) will be the same result as a group of kids with 30 votes (30/3=10). In the event of a tie, my 10 year old will pull one of the tied names out of a hat.