Greagen Family | Reservoir Family Portrait | Melbourne Photographer

Years ago when I first was sitting having a cup of instant coffee at Clint’s home, I had an idea. I’d known Clint from his blog Reservoir Dad and a couple of emails, which turned into instant coffee (yes i’m making a point about the coffee being instant, I do believe I do deserve a medal #coffeesnob).
So the idea, wasn’t much of a stretch, shooting Clint and his 4 boys Reservoir Dogs style. That’s about as far as the idea went.

Flash forwards, Clint won a blog award, then he wrote a book and I shot the cover and the launch. All this time the idea still in my head.
Then the time came. And the perfect time. The time a family portrait was due. I love it how things work out, if we had actioned the shoot when we first met the location we shot at wouldn’t have been there, Maki the youngest would have been too young to do things on his own. Everything happens at the right time.

And how cool is it? Worth the wait i think.

Check out Clint’s blog.

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