Greg Evans | Portrait of The Week

Greg got a call a few years ago from his friend Kevin Bloody Wilson, Kev’s daughter was getting married in the USA and coming back to Perth to have another wedding for her Aussie family and friends. She was a huge fan of Perfect Match so Kev organised Greg as a surprise to run the wedding ceremony. You can picture it, just as the ceremony starts the Perfect Match theme song starts and Greg running down the aisle to take over the proceedings!

Something happened when Greg was up there, he realised is was a pretty good place to be. A really happy and emotional spot with two people publicly declaring their love for each other. He was hooked…. and thought when I’m 70, I’ll be a celebrant.

Flash forward a year or so and Greg bumps meets a man who trains celebrants and he suggests that he not wait and start right away. He did and how he is one of Melbourne most sort after celebrants, and it’s not just because it’s a bit of a novelty having the guy from Perfect match marry you, it’s because he is a really really good celebrant.

I love his style of officiating weddings, as I’ve been shooting weddings for 13 years you can imagine I’ve seen the full range and can still recite some celebrants scripts word for word and just swap in the different names.

The way Greg personalises the ceremony, interacts with the guests, and makes it all a really warm, loving and fun atmosphere is an absolute credit to him. His passion shows through his actions, expressions and words. Plus every time he has come up in conversation with my wedding clients they are raving about his attention to detail and service pre the wedding.
Yes, Greg is awesome, this may seem like an ad, but it’s genuine appreciation for someone shares the same beliefs with me about weddings.

Plus, he has worked with a robot. That’s awesome.