Hair of the Dog… my first big presentation…

I had a call last week from the President of the Queensland division of the Australian Institute of Professional Photograpy asking if I would be interested in doing a presntation at their Hair of the Dog event up in Brisbane. Sounds like a bit of fun, i’ll whip something into shape for the presentation, I then asked the question how long do I have to present? 90 minutes… twice… on the same day…

I said Brilliant!!! and have started to prep a talk. I think it is supposed to be mostly on Portraits, but i’ll probably mix it up a bit.

I only just wondered who dropped out, who’s shoes am I filling, who is the person people have actually booked to see? I did a little searching and discovered i’m replacing Robin Selleck, a celebrity portrait photographer… quite a big name… seems like I have very big shoes to fill (especially since my shoe size is a 6).

Now unlike Robin, I haven’t had exhibitions tour nationally with sponsorship from big multi national companies, don’t have any books out and certainly have not been featured in almost every glossy in the country.

As I mentioned, i’ll be presenting a bit of a mix of things, most people will be interested in my work with comedians and musicians, i’m also hoping that most people will enjoy my take on the domestic wedding and portrait world. I’ll be adding in a little bit about my marketing and personal projects. So if you have booked in to see Robin, please check out my site and my work, I’m not a swish high flier, I don’t have a producer or manager. I have me and my mobile and some friends. I take photos because I love to do it and have met some fantastic people while doing it, some shoots take months to organise and last a few seconds, others take a few seconds to organise and last hours.

So, the shoes i’m filling are much bigger, but I WILL WEAR BIG SOCKS.

See you in Brisbane next week! Mention this blog post and i’ll give you a lollypop!

 Hair of the Dog site