Hancox Home Photos

The above shot is one of my favourite family photos, Cathy explained to me she wanted the house to feature in the photo, that they loved their dogs and that she was a queen of finding furniture treasure in op shops / markets etc; This shot shows it all!

The Hancocx’s made the move from Queensland to Tasmania a year ago and have settled in nicely.

Mackenzie was insistant that I go up to the tree house, so that is where the photo of him was taken… me balancing on some wood a few meters above the ground.

And the obligatory dog shots!

I met Cathy at BNI where I have learned about Cathy and Michael’s business Hancox Home Loans; they are very very good at what they do. I suggest you give Cathy a call to do a Free Home Health Check, Vikashni did and look likes it will save her over $80K. So call Cathy, 0400 505 555, you won’t regret it!