Heath and Archie | Brighton Melbourne Children Portrait Photography

A simple equation:
Brothers are fun.
Heath and Archie are brothers.
Therefore Heath and Archie are fun!

So much chasing, running, jumping, bouncing and climbing (x100 to get the full picture). These boys are little rockets of energy, if we could bottle it I’m sure we could power a small town for a week!

Thanks for letting me come and play, I promise to put down the camera and do bigger bounces on the trampoline next time.

Oh, and I know you were hiding behind the door grin

Note I’m back in full swing on the portrait side of things, looking forward to meeting so many new families. I hate to say it but the abundance fruit mince pies in the supermarket are signalling that Christmas is around the corner.  Just saying that if you were to click here, I can help you out with a great present for yourself or your parents… And if you mention the magic special words “I know Archie is Saffron’s boyfriend” I’ll look after you… just sayin’.