Helicopters, Beach, Kids and Water | Launceston Wedding Photography

What a wedding. Nothing too over the top (apart from the helicopter and style!).
Bek and Paul did a little more than just get married, they created an instant family bringing their 2 sets of 2 kids together to make 1 set of 4! And what crazy kids they are, it was fun trying to retrieve all the things that managed to end up in their clutches (like my wallet) I also noticed Zakk chasing down some flash cards from the camera. And yes, it was fun! Many people say to me “Never work with kids or animals” I think those people don’t quite get it. Kids and animals are real! Let them be and you will get something fantastic from them.

Anyways, I was supposed to be talking about a wedding! Bek and Paul decided on a beach wedding, a Greens Beach wedding to be precise. They love spending time with the kids at the beach so this was a ceremony location with real meaning. As a little surprise for everyone, Bek her mum and the girls arrived via helicopter, I tagged along to make sure everything was safe! When we got to the beach everyone looked fantastic, and I do mean everyone. Such a good looking crowd were there to hear the vows, witness the rings, drink the champers and down the oysters.

Bek wore a stunning dress found in the Oatlands Op Shop for a bargain price. Strangely when we went for a dip in the ocean it kinda started to shrink. No probs, there was another red velvet dress back at the home backyard reception to get into.