Hobart Myer Demolition

Last Saturday, Myer in Hobart bunt down. It’s still unknown what caused the fire, but it completely destroyed the historic building right in the center on the city. I’m amazed that it didn’t spread to more of the surrounding buildings, if anyone knows central Hobart, you would be amazed too.

Since the fire i’ve heard stories about people who had their bags left in the building and lost all their cards, phones and other personal things. I’ve even heard a story that a person lost her keys in the fire and the person with the spare key happened to be overseas, so the car is till in a parking lot unable to be moved.

So the building is coming down, this was on Tuesday at about 4pm, a heap of spectators at the bottom of Criterion Street, where I just stopped by to have a look myself and took all these shots. The fire brigade there hosing down the wreckage incase it sparked up again.

 I’m sure something will rise from the ashes soon, Myer will live on in Hobart. And it’s fantastic that only the store was lost and that no one was hurt.