Hobart, flying visit

Love getting to spend time in Hobart last weekend. When I used to visit from Launceston for weddings it was always down and back and not really spending time. With weddings down there now I get to spend a couple of days at a slower pace. I still have shoots and work on but it’s all a little bit more chilled out. Plus I got to check out what was new in Hobart. I would like to officially say, Hobart, you are good for coffee shops now, I think you have about 1 per 20 people now so that is probably a good ratio. If you are getting a redundancy maybe look at putting it into some other type of business. Of course, there is always a caveat to my thoughts, that would be a great boutique coffee shop that is OPEN ON SATURDAY. I know the CBD is dead-ish on the weekend but Hobart, you are getting a reputation for being a food, drink and coffee destination. Weekend mainland visitors want to visit you. I wanted to try 3 new places, all closed. Lucky Villino was open and made me feel guilty for even contemplating other cafes (it’s been a favourite of mine for years).
Apart from my coffee drought on Saturday morning all was good for the rest of the weekend. Here are some random shots from about the place.

(Oh FYI, my 48 hours in Hobart included having a great shoot with little Oliver, catch up with Shana and David at Mona in prep for their wedding, quick wander through Mona followed by a couple of hours working on my next AIPP talk, random drop in to chat with Dean at Zanzo, grown up dinner at a pizza place with friends where we used knives and folks, breakfast with Rob Burnett, my old photography mentor who I basically inturned with for a couple of years after I got our of uni, broke into a house to borrow some lights (I had instructions of how to break into said house, it was all legit…I think), unexpected drop into previous wedding client Lauren just because I drove past her house, James and Stacey’s wedding at Home Hill and a quick sunday morning walk along bellerieve beach with Sarah Simon and their new, old puppy.)