Hodge – Campbell Family | East Coast Tasmania Family Portrait

When I first met this fantastic family a couple of years ago (link to previous post here), Willow was only a little cute baby girl with amazing eyes. Now she is a cute little girl with amazing eyes. But lets not forget the rest of this fantastic family and amazing they all look. We really wanted to capture the family in a way that really suited them. As Damon is a surfer, the family love the beach and the east coast so it made sense to go off and photograph them all together down there doing what they love in a place they love.

Ps. I love the east coast too, looking forward to finding more families who would love to be photogaphed down there. Know of any who might be interested?

Pps. You think the scenary is great, you should check out Santosha, the house that you can rent for the weekend or wedding right next to the beach. The pics on the link really don’t do it justice, it is a magical place to stay.