Home Again I think I’m finally back in Tasmania…

Home Again

I think I’m finally back in Tasmania for a descent amount of time. I think I am anyway. I’ve just got back from Sydney and the Cannon Australian Professional Photography Awards, which is just an excuse for photographers from all over the Australia to get in the same location and drink a little too much and give each other awards. It is a little bit more involved than that but essentially during the day there are conferences and talks running alongside the judging of various categories of awards. I managed to get 3 silvers, 2 in the portrait contemptery category and one in the wedding contempeary category. It was the my first attempt at entering the wedding category, well, I tried to last year but I believe there was a mix up and the shot I entered was judged as a portrait and didn’t do anything as it wasn’t a portrait. But the Duck prevailed and my obscure wedding shot went to get silver.

The more important things that happened over the week was making some friendships stronger and meeting a heap of new photographers, a lot who are in my age group and in similar situations both with their photography and their businesses. I have already been in contact with a few of them and I’m sure I will be in contact with them for a lot longer, I guess we will all know each other for the length of our photographic careers and maybe beyond.

I didn’t take a lot of photos around Sydney. I probably should have. There are a few photos that are quite good and I will probably get them printed to put in the folder with all the other photos I’ve printed and then not got around to framing for the wall.

Sydney was inspiring; a lot of new photo ideas, new ways of thinking, new ways of photoshop were all put together in my head and are being transposed into photos and through the laptop. But it’s now time to get back into the business and figure out how to improve that for everyone involved.