So who am I?

If you were to write a story about me there would be travel, coffee, music, random adventures, comedy shows, cafe hunting, healthy eating, not so healthy eating,  lots of early morning dog walks, and of course my wife Vikashni and my kids Saffron and Fox.

Plus the fur kids Kooshan (bad cat) and Skye (walking partner and gas emitter)

For a full in detail “Who am I” click over to this blog post.

10 things about me

  1. I once gave Princess Diana a clip on Koala for Prince William’s curtains and told that story on Millionaire Hot Seat
  2. I was once so tired after travelling to a Croatian village that I asked a waiter to “feed me” and then he served me a $130 on a three course truffle dinner (it was worth it).
  3. When I’m editing wedding photos I have music playing really really loud, and it’s all over the place from Queen to Billy Eilish to Mozart.
  4. Many people know me as Wombat, a throw back to a mean name calling incident in grade 7 (i’m ok with it now, thanks to therapy)
  5. I shot a portrait of my wife 12 hours after meeting her and gave her a little discount on what she bought (she still thinks I should pay her back)
  6. I love personal development books, courses, audios and what ever else I can get my hands on.
  7. I have no idea what most of the things in the hardware store are or how to use them.
  8. I skipped class in highschool to go to another school and sneak into their darkroom before that school kicked me out…. I got kicked out of a school I didn’t go to.
  9. When studying I started taking photos of unknown comedians with funny names like Rove, Wil Anderson, Michael Palin and 100’s of other comedians
  10. I pretended to work for a magazine to get a press pass for a music festival, after the festival I fessed up to the director and she gave me an access all areas pass for the following festivals