Artwork and pricing

The aim of your portrait experience is to create beautiful artwork for your home to celebrate your family. I’m always on the look out for beautifully crafted, Australian made products.

From the ready to hang Hero Wall Art in framed prints, canvas and wood prints through to matted fine art print collections and the ever popular family albums, there is something for every home.

To give you a bit of an idea, my clients tend to spend on average $1500, but there is no obligation to do so. 

If you are like most families, you’ll want to have a fantastic collection of your images, we accept credit cards and for those who want to take advantage of it we offer interest free payment plans with Payright

Hero Wall Art

Frames, Canvas and Wood prints

Some walls are holding out for a hero! A fantastic framed piece of artwork or canvas to be the hero of the room. Our hero pieces come fully framed ready to hang.

Hero Wall Art prices range between $490 – $1350

Storyboard Collections

For families who want to display a range of artwork and to shot of a great series we have a wall story collection using our beautiful canvas prints and wood circle prints or our framed storyboards.

Prices for Storyboard Collections range from $850-1450

Wall Art Collections

The Wall Art Collections are all ready to hang, with a variety of styles available in beautiful framed prints, unique wood prints or in our versatile canvas prints.

Wall Art Collections range in price from $1190 – $2590

Portrait Albums

Portrait albums are the perfect way to tell a complete story with your collection of photos. Each album is individually designed over ten spreads and include between 15-25 images plus a complete set of digital files from the whole session.

Albums are $2190, with additional gift albums starting at $250

Fine Art Prints

For those who want alot of photos, the 8×12 inch prints come matted ready for gifting/framing. Collections of 5, 10 and 15 are available.

Individual Matted Prints from $185
Print Collections starting at $640

Desk Acrylic Blocks

Modern acrylic photoblocks make a brilliant office desk portrait, look amazing on side tables and shelves. They are free standing, so no hanging annoyance and the floating 3D effect is pretty awesome.

Individual blocks starting at $265
Collections starting at $690

Payment Plans

Photobat is proudly partnered with Payright to help our clients have more options regarding payment.

You pay a deposit of at least 10 percent, and Payright pay the for you behalf, straight away, and you can spread payment over 3,6,9 or 12 months.

What this means is that you receive your artwork straight away right away!

The process takes about 5 minutes to complete and again, you get your finished artwork as soon as it’s ready!

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