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All the latest shoots, thoughts and ideas from my camera and brain.

Mystery Film Processing

I’ve had a roll of film sitting on the shelf for ages, and finally decided to get it processed. I couldn’t remember where it was taken, or why. It’s just been hanging about for a…


January 21, 2020

Portrait Albums

It’s been a while since I offered albums with portraits, but it seems that people want them as I’ve had a few requests lately, so here they are! The new Photobat Portrait Albums! Portrait albums…


October 22, 2019

Alimentati | Where We Drink

How we found it: My friend Linda suggested it for a quick catch up… but due to a job finishing early I arrived 2 hours early and was pretty happy to do soWhere we found…


October 5, 2019

Two Bob Snob | Where We Drink

How we found it: Walked past Where we found it: Cheltenham What we drank: Oat Piccolo x 2 How we found the coffee: It’s our regular, so we have to like the coffee otherwise we…


September 17, 2019

2019 RISE Awards | Bayside Family Photographer

For the first time I threw some images in to the RISE International Photography Awards, it was very last minute and I did no research into what the competition normally likes to give awards to.…


August 26, 2019