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All the latest shoots, thoughts and ideas from my camera and brain.

Portrait Albums

It’s been a while since I offered albums with portraits, but it seems that people want them as I’ve had a few requests lately, so here they are! The new Photobat Portrait Albums! Portrait albums…


October 22, 2019

Alimentati | Where We Drink

How we found it: My friend Linda suggested it for a quick catch up… but due to a job finishing early I arrived 2 hours early and was pretty happy to do soWhere we found…


October 5, 2019

Two Bob Snob | Where We Drink

How we found it: Walked past Where we found it: Cheltenham What we drank: Oat Piccolo x 2 How we found the coffee: It’s our regular, so we have to like the coffee otherwise we…


September 17, 2019

2019 RISE Awards | Bayside Family Photographer

For the first time I threw some images in to the RISE International Photography Awards, it was very last minute and I did no research into what the competition normally likes to give awards to.…


August 26, 2019

2019 Victorian Awards

Last week we had the 2019 Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards up at Melbourne Polytechnic. 2 very long days of judging over many categories all filled with fantastic images.As well as entering I get the…


June 27, 2019