Session Information

Below you will find a heap of information on the different sessions Photobat offers, and also a session location guide to get your brain working. I LOVE to collaborate and work with you to create something special that reflects your family.

All family portrait sessions are photographed on location, please have a read below to find out why.

A standard session investment is $245 for a 45-60 minute session, with reduced rates for return clients. Click here to check out if there are any special offers  happening at the moment.

Head over to the step by step guide to see how a full session takes place and to learn about the finished artwork options and pricing.

Why Location Portraits

Back in the 80’s my parents dragged us around all the portrait studios, I was made to sit in strange poses and repeatedly told to smile at the camera. I didn’t handle that too well.

I pulled faces and was generally a pain in the butt. I know this as I’ve met many of the photographers since and they agree, I really was a pain in the butt.

That is why the style you see here is much more natural and relaxed, no studios for families just fantastic locations be that your home, out in nature or even in a unique urban environment. Everyone feels more relaxed and the opportunities for fun are endless!

Session Types


Not the standard “sit here and smile” type family portraits, but the ones that are relaxed and enjoyable for everyone.

We work together to design your session and location to be a fun experience that will be remembered as much as the photos on the wall will be cherished.



A fun portrait session for multiple generations of your family, grand parents, parents and kids (sometimes great grand parents!) These sessions are always filled with laughs and get a fantastic collection of images that will last generations.

I’m really passionate about these sessions, I get too many enquiries that start with “We need an urgent portrait session because someone is sick”.

Don’t wait to capture your kids and their grandparents.

New Borns / Babies

There are two great times to photograph newborns and babies. In the second week of their lives and then when they are sitting, around the 8-10 month mark.

Typically newborn sessions are photographed at your home, giving you the flexibility to have all you need on hand and cut out the stress of getting to a location.

The sitter sessions are great to do at home or on location, and are fantastic with older siblings who can play with the cuteness.


Celebrate yourselves! Have some fun and remember this time in your lives.
These sessions are really focused around you, what you love to do and where you love to go. If that is a great spot in the city you love to get a drink or taking your dog for a walk around the beach with the fur children.


Everyone is unique… but is your family that extra bit special?
Do you all love a movie, dressing up and just having a good time?

We can design sessions all around your passions and eccentricities. We love doing the different shoots and are up for anything!

Family Portrait Session Style Guide

Urban / City Sessions

For something a bit different to the usual parks and beaches, look to those places that at first glance may not be considered amazing locations, but they really are.  Urban back streets, city laneways, bold colours and big industrial spaces make brilliant locations for all kinds of family portraits.

These are perfect places for families to explore and also makes fantastic artwork for modern homes.

Nature Sessions

One of the most popular locations for families to have portrait is in the great outdoors. As part of the planning process, we chat with you about places that are special to you and how we can incorporate them into your session.
Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas on where, I have a heap of fantastic spots I can recommend to you.

Click here to have a read of a blog post for some ideas on my favourite types of places for family portrait sessions.

Home Sessions

Home. It’s where we love to spend time. It’s the heart of the family.

Which is why it makes the perfect location.