How cool are Remote Control Cars? I m sure it …

How cool are Remote Control Cars?

I m sure it happens every 5-10 years, remote control cars come into fashion again I hope that they are coming back right now I remember organised car racing on the tennis court at primary school in the lunch hours, I also remember mine was a black all terrain jobby Lots of fun, I even remember driving mine into a water drainage pipe cause I thought it would come out the other side, but it kinda dropped down into the larger drain and had to be rescued by a neighbours dad

Why remote control cars? Cause I had a bit of a play with my friend Gus friend Bo s cars Dont believe me?

I did win the tuna tin hockey game too, but lost all my races.

In other non remote control car related news.

My Birthdays coming… I reckon a remote control car would be cool to play with at the office, drive down the hallway, and maybe even jump the stairs. Apart from that Im meeting friends at a café and then heading to Government House for a picnic. Come along if you want, we plan on either mini cricket or a bit of Frisbee action… not to mention a Devonshire tea. I wonder if the Governor has a remote control car?

I have also been notified that I am one of the 3 finalists in the Arts category in the Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards. What does this mean? Will I get to win a remote control car I hear you asking? No, just a nice dinner and drinks, plus you never know… I might win an award, Ill get a certificate at the least. If anyone wants to join my table it would be really cool, I d love to have some friends about to cheer me on and also form the lynch mob at the end of the night! (But seriously… I am not suggesting that there be a riot… really I m not inciting anything… really)

Also, I m off to the UK again, a nice couple decided they like me so Im off to take their wedding photos… in Scotland… in a castle… beside a loch. I have also been asked if I want to do an exhibition at the Edinburgh Festival again… still working on that, I m undecided if I want to do another one this year, or wait another and build up more to show. And you never know, I might be able to devise a remote controlled exhibition to go on top of my remote controlled car.

I think that wraps up the latest… I now have the espresso machine in operation in the office, so those brave enough to try, please reserve your table and come on it. You can reserve your table with a note stuck to a remote controlled car if you would like.

Spider count at about 30-40 for the year so far…. none driving remote controlled cars