How they grow | Family Portrait Photographer Tasmania

Binalong Bay is an amazing piece of earth and sea. Situated on the East Coast of Tasmania, it’s white sands and orange lichen covered granite boulders are one of my favourite places to shoot. Mix the location with Sara, Dwayne, Ben and Cameron and you are guaranteed to get some amazing photos.

This was this guys 4th shoot, initially there was the pregnancy session, followed by the Cam as a baby, Cam as a 2 year old and now Cam as a rather feisty little 4 year old. All the other shoots so far have been in Launceston but this time it was time to head East. As one of their favourite family holiday spots it proved to be the perfect location for Cam and Ben to expel a heap of energy, running, jumping and wrestling.

This time we also had the added bonus of having Sara’s dad Adrian down from Canada so we could do some shots of the three generations together. I love generational portraits, it’s so fantastic to see three generations in the one image.