You may have noticed that the Batblog has been missing some lovin the last few weeks. We should be able to get things back on track now that the bridal expo is done and dusted. I have been taking wedding photos for about 8 years now and this is my first real bridal expo (there was one in St Helens, but that was just a little strange so I’m ignoring it).

As you can see we kept things simple, you would be surprised how much time and effort go into simple. Those prints are 1.2 x 2.4 meters and looked fantastic but were a little interesting to card from one end of the state to the other. Big thanks to Scott and the guys at Think Big Printing for printing some very big prints and also for lending me the van so we could get them down to Hobart. Yes, Zakk and I felt like men this weekend, we loaded a van full of stuff, drove it from one end of the state to the other, ate chips, unpacked the van, talked to people about weddings, repacked the van and then had Matt along with his beard join us for the drive back.

It wasn’t just a Photobat team effort, we also called in the support team, Vikashni came along and gave a hand as well as 8 previous / current wedding clients, two of whom only received their proof book at the expo, two others seeing an album design for the first time at the expo and another four who were just awesome to come along. Alli, Molly, Jason, Cat, Rhys, Jess, Bernie and Georgie, thank you so much for being fantastic and letting others know of your experiences with us.

Some of the stand out performances went to Matt and Zakk who  I was proud to have along. It has been a little bit on the scary side to have “other people” working at Photobat but these guys are as committed as I am to helping people have a fantastic wedding photography experience. My favourite moment was watching Matt surrounded by 6 girls at one time, I think it’s the beard.

We also launched a couple of new products too. The Acrylic Cover proved a crowd pleaser on our new sample album, and we also had our new Every Wedding Album for the last season on show. If you would like to check out these albums give us a call ( 6334  8789 ) and drop around.

So to give a bit of a wrap up of this post, we did manage to book a few weddings on the day and have many more people to catch up with. The most disappointing part of the day was telling some couples that we were not available for their date, it sucks, it’s hard enough to do it via email let alone to someone’s face. We are booking up very fast for this summer and have quite a few soon to be booking couples we know about. So if you would like us to shoot your wedding, your friends wedding, your kids wedding or even your pets wedding, get in touch with us right away.

Thanks again to everyone who dropped by, it was great to see you and if you want us, come and get us!