Hugh and Piet

It seems I’ve been having a run of people I know getting hitched! Hugh is the brother of my good friend Sarah, and he asked a girl called Piet to marry him, and she did!

They both live and work in the ACT now, but met while studying and working around the uni in Hobart. I had only met Piet a handful of times before the wedding and they have all been great conversations, so i was really looking forward to their big day!

Not your typical wedding either, it was in winter(thankfully a surprisingly warm day!), and everyone was getting ready at the same place in the same couple of rooms! Their were not any real bridesmaids or groomsmen as such but both were surrounded by their closest friends. The guys were entertaining with their impromptu Super Hero poses with the soothing mask, while the girls had to deal with all those buttons!

Before the ceremony we headed off to Richmond for some photos with initially Hugh and Piet, and then joined by the rest of the crew from the house. Richmond Bridge is the oldest bridge in Australia, and is a great backdrop for some photos, the convict stonework is amazing!

After the photos we went off to Meadowbank Vineyard where some more friends joined us for photos and then a little break followed by the ceremony in the main building. The ceremony was conducted by Kaye Haward (one of my favourite celebrants in Hobart!).

Following all the signings and pats on the back it was straight to the food and drink, followed by a surprise dance from Hugh and Piet. It was the first time many people had seen Hugh dance, and he didn’t disappoint!