I KNOW OK, I’ve been slack. No excuse. I’ll do b…


OK, I’ve been slack. No excuse. I’ll do better… I always say that… so no promises.

I have updated the news section of www.photobat.net, lots to look at in there, links to news papers and stuff. I also put a post on I just finished from late last month. So that’s below this.

I will put up some info on what’s going on soon….. Or I could do it now… Yes… Now is the new tomorrow.

After I got back from Melbourne a few major things happened…

I caught up on the 400 or so emails I had. That took a long time, but I think the replies generated an additional 800 to reply to, so it all got even messier.

I waged a battle where I was attacked by all sides by the armies of Bill ( a country that sends out small white paper envelopes with bombs in them), the Bills decimated the armies of the Working Account and it is now evening out into a bit of a stand off, the Bills are there and the Working Account is regaining strength, but who knows what reinforcements the Postie will bring on the morn.

I made lists of what I needed to do, then I made lists for which lists I had to do and then I thought it was stupid and made a new list putting everything on the one list, then I lost it.

I got to work on all the wedding stuff I had neglected while I was away, I’m really getting into the album making process now and I’m getting better with each album I design. And yes I have had a few good album evenings with couples, finessing the albums over wine, log fire or a dam nice curry (which did indeed fill lots of evil doing by previous wedding couple… And I know you read this… Where is that recipe you were going to send?)

I did some maths (who ever thought I’d need it!). I basically worked out how much it costs me to be in business, then added what I would like to earn as a salary, and from that calculated day rates which I plugged into all my prices, so there was a little increase. I can now justify it all because I know that is what I have to earn to eat, live and also cover things like medical insurance and super annuation, things I didn’t have and am now in the process of getting.

I’m also int he process of getting a new site (www.photobat.net) up, I’m not going to do it gradually, it will probably be a complete change over so there is no “under construction” signs about. But you will notice a few things slowly changing. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

So all in all, i’ve been busy, if you add onto all this the planning for the UK and the attempts of making some money to go over with, you can see i’ve been busy.

Photobat is changing… Same photo taker person, just a new level of service is being put into place. What does this mean for you? Book a shoot and find out!