I miss walking. I walked a lot when I was in t…

I miss walking.

I walked a lot when I was in the UK.

But now I’m back and walking opportunities have to be made.

So I took the dog for a walk. I went up to Trevallyn Reserve and walked along a track I hadn’t walked along for quite a few years. The track started off quite solidly, then there was the water and mud. Not a little mud and a little water, quite a bit for long streaches, but since we had done some damage in the first stretch, I decided to press on. I had a plastic bag in the car, the dog can sit on that on the way home.

So, back to the car, get the bag, put it on the seat the dog sits on, and get the dog up onto the seat. Easy. Well, until the dog realises it doesn’t like sitting on plastic bags and jumps into the back seat. Repeats the same movement another 3 times. This normally wouldn’t worry me too much, just get the seat covers cleaned. But I had just had the car detailed a couple of weeks ago and the seat covers were not on the seats yet. So, my nice newly shampooed upholstery is not sporting a bit of a doggy foot print design.

I still like the dog.

In other news,
Finally getting some more work done, had a coupel of enquiries for comedians needing photos too.

Plus, I also found out that one of my wedding couples had a baby while I was away. Very cool. So congrats to Andrew and Jac, and welcome to little Jasper.