Iconic Melbourne | Brighton Beach Boxes

The most iconic place near where we live in Bayside is the Brighton Beach Boxes. The boxes that date back to the early 1900’s are located at Dendy Street Beach and are really beautiful. Each box is painted so well with so many great mixes of colour.  I’d only ever visited them once before while assisting another wedding photographer about 6 years ago, and the bride didn’t want to go on the sand, and it was raining and we only had 5 minutes, so I can probably scratch that visit anyway.

Last week I found myself with a cancelled catch up, a camera and a drive that took my past this icon. Finally some time to head down and see what all the fuss was about. The boxes are really beautiful, the colours and location is really fantastic. You can see why people flock down here to take selfies of themselves in front of them (see below). Plus

I believe it is a bit of a cliche here in Melbourne to have wedding and portrait photos taken down at the boxes. I don’t care, there are so many ways to shoot this area that stay away from the stereotype image. Can’t wait to have a wedding or portrait session down here.

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