If nothing changes….



There is nothing like having your world upside down to get you thinking. Even more thinking when it’s all turned and you get turned onto the side and shaken up a bit. Ask me 2 months ago what we would be up to now and I’d say much the same as every other day, except it’s winter so a little quieter and a little colder.

Now, we are in Melbourne, still haven’t found our feet properly with no permanent place to live as yet (we are sub letting until the end of October), we have a good idea of where we want to live but we need to find a place there. I’ve learnt alot about property lately and know that Melbourne is in a down market and there is just not much quality houses/flats/dog kennels on the market at the moment. Kinda depressing but it will all work out sooner or later.

To add more excitement to everything the bugs have hit us. I had a cold, which invited it’s friend Broncitis to stay too, who bought along its BFF Asthma for the ride. I went to the doctor to get another dose of antibiotics and he called an ambulance. I ended up spending the afternoon in at the Alfred Hospital sampling their emergency room nebulisers and oxygen tanks. At the end of that little stay i managed to get some more pills and the reassurance that i didn’t have pneumonia. Which is good as Vikashni picked up a bug that day too and I had to get on top of picking up a little girl from day care. All the fun of a big city.

I’m on the mend now, and starting to get back on track, not that i was on any kind of track before but I’ve had some thinking time between gasping for air. More networking with old friends and photography colleges, a fun shoot booked in and work on the business plan for Photobat V3:Mission To Melbourne is progressing.

It really is scary jumping in the deep end, but as I’ve seen it said many times, ”If nothing changed, nothing changes” . Things are changing, I’ll keep you informed, it should be a fun ride with a few bumps and a few highs.