I’m busy. And this is not supposed to be the very …

I’m busy. And this is not supposed to be the very busy time, that is still coming, this is just the busy time. Being busy means that i am also tired.

My office, car and room are all a mess, a variety of papers, clothes and rubbish have invaded anyplace that may have attempted to stay clean.
I did put all my supplier’s price lists into a folder that I can easily reach, it is very handy and long over due.

I’ve been kept waiting by a few supplies, mainly the one that does all my proof booklets, I have been waiting formsome since mid January, which is a bit too long to be waiting in my opinion. I have been told te will arrive today.

I’m almost uptodate with all my weddings, I only have one more to send off to be proofed, then I start ont hem all again with Album designs, reprint orders ect, but looking ahead, lots of those things will start to come in when i’m in Melbourne, which is not a great thing. I tried to do work on weddings last ear while I was in melbourne and failed, I will have to try harder this year as there is now 10 times the amount of work to be done as there was last year.
I’ve changed how I do weddings now, attempting to cut down on time. I really have to cut back on how many photos I take. It is just a bit lazy with the digital camera. I am also processing the images a bit differently, I used to do quick adjustments on the proof images then send them away, now I do a complete back up of the unmodified images, then spend time on those images getting them to print quality then save them. These images then get converted in to proofs and area ble to be just grabbed and sent tot he lab for reprints ect.

I’m also in he process of working out a new pricing structure for my weddings, I’ll be adding a very basic album where it is just the same size images on each page, no design work involved and minimal print production time. Then you can upgrade that to an all design album or the same size. Then a larger album and more things….

I must go sleep now, big day ahead. have to get my exhibition in the post to Sydney.. It’s all coming around too quickly! I have to work on an invitation list for the Melbourne opening now… too many people to invite… and too many to remember to invite.