I’m in London Still…. Well, im in a starbucks,…

I’m in London Still….

Well, im in a starbucks, near Buckingham Palace… the weather looks ok (Come on Aus… you can do it).

I’ve taken a few photos, i seem to end up at the London Eye avery day, today I might go on it.

Managed to see the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Modern and also some photography exhibitons by Helena Christiansen (50% not to my likeing, 50% to my liking) and Bryan Adams (Quite nice).

It’s been quite warm, about 27 degrees the last few days. Today is a bit better, some clouds.

Well, i’ve done alot of walking, seen a few things and made notes, i keep saying that i ll write up a big blog entry and then upload it when i get to starbucks (evil place that has expensive wireless). I never get around to doing it. I will try to tomorrow.