I’m not racist but… Collingwood 😂

Now don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are Collingwood supporters… it’s just… well… I have no idea! 

I’m not sure what kicked off this whole Collingwood vs. everyone but it is kind of fun to have a “villain” of the AFL. 

This year it’s been the year where I’ve been the most connected to the AFL. Saffron and I have been to a heap of games and even a final where we happened to be sitting right in the middle of a bay where we were the only Melbourne supporters in a sea of black and white. 

And yes, they got a bit crazy at times, but I’ve also seen supporters of all the other teams be just as passionate, especially in the online forums! 

So I decided to get to know our “enemy” and put out a call for a mad Collingwood family to do a family portrait for in the lead-up to the AFL Grandfinal this weekend.

Deb and the family jumped on it and it was really fun, the kids have fully drunk the Kool-Aid and it’s great! It’s like another Christmas for the kids, except instead of Santa giving presents, you get Maynard giving you a “footy act”(Sorry Cheap shot and still a sore point for us Dee’s supporters!)

Anything a family can bond over is great in my book, i’ve loved seeing Saffrona dn her friends this season following the games and given each other ribbings when their teams beat each other.

So… here you go, i got to know the “enemy” and it was great!

Good luck to the Pies and Lions this weekend!

And if the Pie’s win, please let them gloat for a little bit and also if they lose, check in on them to see if they are ok… and if they are ok, then remind them of the all times they gloated over the wins this year!