I’m on a plane… | No regrets

There have been a few times in life that I’ve made the “right” decision only to realise I added another regret onto my list of things I wish I had done.
When my friend Mike mentioned he was getting married this August, not next as originally planned the first thought was. “oh… well I can’t go then”

After having friends want me to shoot their wedding overseas before, deciding it was too hard, and then regretting it after seeing what could have been amazing photos spoilt by lousy photography I didn’t want that to happen again.

I told Vikahsni about the date change, her response was “would you regret not going?”

And yes. I would have.
So…. I’m on a plane to Pueblo, Colorado for 4 days. And I’m going to shoot the shit out of this trip.

Watch out… and think… what can you do to not add more onto your regret list?

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