In the paper today…

This is a shot I did a couple of weeks ago for Rae and Partners Lawyers (new website soon I believe). It’s in the shares section of today’s Examiner. I don’t normally post these kind of jobs but thought it would be nice to let you know I do this kind of thing too.

Head shots are much more posed than my usual thing, and probably considered something quite painful and boring to have done. Over the last year I have photographed a heap of people, another example is the banner at the top of the Brillionaires website.

A great, clean and high quality head shot will instill confidence in you and your business as well as project a professional and trusting face to your existing and potential new clients.

There are still a few questions that need to be asked before getting a head shot, it is not just a matter of turning up and getting the photo out of the way. What kind of look are you going for? What do you want to project? A good head shot will project professionalism The standard thing you see is the white background, which is great if you need a clean shot that can be reproduced small for magazine articles, conference presentations and other things like that.

An outdoor location with the background knocked out of focus gives a much friendlier and approachable look, but if the background is too confusing it can take away from the subject.

So some tips if you are going to get a head shot taken, which will help you stand apart from the photos you see when you are at the supermarket of the various managers (the ones at my supermarket are kinda hopeless)

You want to look the best for your head shot, so get a hair cut or trim a week before your shoot. Don’t go to the hairdresser on the way to the shoot and get that new spikey hair the kids have… trust me, your photographer will probably charge you to give you a trim in photoshop if you don’t like your hair.

For Men
Stay away from “busy” ties that include spots and stripes. A very subtle pattern or pain tie will work the best and not be distracting.

Make sure that your suit fits you properly and recently dry cleaned. A plain white or blue shirt is always recommended.

For Women

A plain coloured and recently dry cleaned suit or jacket with a light coloured blouse. Keep jewelry simple so it does not become the focus of the photo.


We recommend that you apply light and natural make up, don’t over do it. If you would like professional make up done, we can point you in the right direction.

And probably most importantly, get a professional to take the photo. The difference between your secretary taking a photo of you against the office wall with his point and shoot camera that he borrowed for the day is a little different from having a professional create an image that projects more than just what you look like.

Feel free to share this info about, just credit as the source.