It’s Brax | Baby Portrait Photography Launceston

Brax is a great little baby. He seemed to love his shoot, who wouldn’t with a new mum and dad doting over him, catering when required and a whole heap of new stuff about to lay on.

I had a past with Shane, apparently we worked together at Pizza Hut many many many years ago. And apparently he was in my brother’s year in primary school. And now he works at Coles and is the nice guy who looks after the online ordering which we take advantage of occasionally. Susan appeared in the picutre back in Shane’s Pizza Hut days, but after my time there ( I think, I really don’t remember much of those days, I do know I was 17, had a white 2 door 82 Ford Laser and I know I have a scar on one of my fingers from getting too excited when leaving on a delivery once, oh and I ate a bit of pizza)

Anyway. We are talking about Brax. Don’t think I have to say too much about him because I believe his cuteness will shine through in the photos below. Congratulations again Susan and Shane on your little man, lets hope he lets you get a good amount of sleep soon!