I’ve managed to keep very busy over the last coupl…

I’ve managed to keep very busy over the last couple of weeks, mainly trying to get on top of all the work that I have with wedding reprint and album orders plus also the back log of work made in Melbourne. I also have just finished a week of traveling around Tasmania showing a Japanese photographer about. We did just less than 2000 km in 6 days and took in Cradle Mountain and a lot of places on the North East. Cradle was a bit of a let down with some very average weather, I did manage to get a few shots of the fagus, Australia’s only native deciduous tree that’s leaves turn golden in late April to early may. It’s a standard image that you see from most Tasmanian landscape photographers, but it was the first time I had seen it for myself so I was a little excited by it all.

It was also the first time in a while that I didn’t take many digital photos. I took a few general snaps about the places but I tended to use the old Olympus OM1 and OM4 and the Nikon F90X. I used some Velvia and Provia. With some little experimentation on exposures and pushing the film. I shot 13 rolls, and mentioned to Bec that I didn’t take many photos, her response was that she found it funny that I thought 13 rolls wasn’t many.. that’s when I remembered that she spent a month overseas and came back with 30 rolls. I probably have to learn how to take fewer photos. I’ll have to go and get some of them scanned and update my landscape images.

Choosing the 4 imags that I am going to put into the national awards hasn’t been all that easy. There were a few that didn’t do as well as expected at the Tasmanian awards that I think might do well at the nationals. I was thinking of only entering the portrait section but I think I’ll put in 3 for portrait and one for wedding. The Wedding Duck is the kind of thing that might do very well or might do badly, which means people talk about it and that is a good thing at the judging. I have also been getting a good response from an image of Simon Munnery that I took at the comedy Festival, which will be the only resent image that I’ll be entering. The others will be the image of Aidzee and portrait of Tripod. Hopefully something will come of these.

I have managed to get through and burn about 50 CD’s worth of images taken in Melbourne. Each cd is backed up as I go so there are 2 of each one. There are still a few to be done and I’m trying to get all that done before I head off to Melbourne and Sydney next week.