James and Cassandra

Last Friday was a great day to get married, luckily James and Cassandra did just that. We shot most of this wedding documentary style, one of the most important things about the wedding were the people there and we loved capturing them with the camera.



It all started out with James and a few of his friends relaxing, cooking, cleaning and bird watching down at their place in Sandfly. This is one of those places that as soon as you walk through the door you feal relaxed. There were little details about the wedding everywhere and the most importantly, Herman was there! Herman is a she dog of Cassandras and plopped himself down in many photogenic spots around the house.

The girls were a little more rowdy. Over at the rather refined and brilliant Islington, the girls were being anything but girly, playing poker and also messing about with cigars. Cassandra won all the birds, and she didn’t even cheat!

James met Cassandra out the front of Cascades, Cassandra did a quick adjustment of James hair (it was a bit too neat) and off into the crowd to say hello to everyone.

Not lying, but this was one of the best ceremonies I have seen in a long time, poems by Cassandra’s step dad were read, jokes and stories told and James was even presented with a joke ring to match the ring he proposed with.









This was also my first wedding at cascades, and it is a very nice venue. There are so many little spots to take photos. The little pond was pointed out to us by celebrant Kaye Haward who again did a fantastic job on the ceremony.



This really was a day about family and friends, the good feelings were everywhere. I am glad we got to document this wedding, so many happy faces, and a real sense of what wedding are all about.