Janie and Derrek in Scotland | Photobat Ten Year Highlights

I often get asked if I travel for weddings, generally the people asking are from Hobart or the north west. My typical answer is “The furthest we have travelled for a wedding is Scotland”.
Janie and Derrek are from Launceston, well Derrek came via Canada but he’s a local now and it was 5 years ago last week that we, along with a few hundred tourists stormed Edinburgh Castle for the wedding.

Back in the day, I photoshopped out all the people in the background of this image. Now I like them as they add to the whole feal of the day. There were people everywhere and we had a specially assigned castle guy to look after us and make sure we didn’t do anything bad. Examples of bad things that we did manage to do include block entry way, stay on the same spot for 5 minutes and my favourite was take photos on the stairs. I didn’t really want anyone else on the stairs so I suggested that the bridesmaids drop their flowers at the top of the stairs and make a fuss picking them up. That blocked the stairs for just a couple of minutes needed to get a couple of shots.

Happy Anniversary Janie and Derrek and thanks again for the adventure.