Jimeoin at Late and Live Day 3 Next day w…

Jimeoin at Late and Live

Day 3

Next day wasn’t too bad, took some photos and saw some shows (Nigerian Span Scam II, very dam good and also Geraldine Quinn from Melbourne who was amazing and I can’t wait to see her when she has a full voice, not a festival induced lurgi voice)

Also did a little shooting at late and live, featuring Jimeoin, The Umbillical Brothers and also Simon Munnery, with a guy called Richard Howard as MC. Backstage there wasn’t a lot happening, had some other comedians drop in including David O Doherty, Daniel Kitson and some who I didn’t know. Munnery’s facial expression when he saw me was priceliess, he was just working his way into the room saying hi, shaking a few hands then saw me and said hi… then the double take. He really didn’t expect to see me there, in Edinburgh at all. So it was good to see him.

The Umbi’s annoying Jimeoin

Also came up with an idea of shooting a Cludeo based series around the Gilded Balloon as it has a lot of the rooms. So now I have to organize it all, and probably hire some lighting.

I’m into the right sleeping pattern for the festival now. Out late, Up late.