Jojo’s Greens – 12 Days of Bayside Christmas

I remember wandering around the Beaumaris Farmers market last year and being attracted to a stall filled with little pots of herbs. After a bit of a chat we ended up taking a few Jojo’s Greens plants home and they lived on our bench and got into our food and made it all extra delicious. 

That stand has grown into a full blown store now, I asked Jo all about what they do…
How long have you been operating – 3 years
What is it you sell / do – We sell indoor plants and decorative pots and all types of plant giftware.  We also grow and sell microgreens to cafes/restaurants and the public.
What you love doing what you sell – A ‘living gift’ is really special and we love helping people choose the perfect present for a loved one or something special for themselves. 

Microgreens are so much fun to grow and we love providing a product to restaurants/cafes and the general public that can add nutrients, colour and amazing flavour to everyday cooking.  Both streams of the business are a joy and we love making our customers happy.
What is it you love about this time of the year – I can feel a real ‘buzz’ this year as Christmas is approaching.  I think after the hardships of this year Christmas will be extra special as we will all appreciate being with our loved ones just that little bit more 🙂   
What do you love about being in Bayside – Bayside is a beautiful part of Melbourne.  The access to the lovely bayside beaches, the gorgeous strip shops in the bayside suburbs, the lovely sense of family and community, the wonderful cafes and restaurants… there is not much not to love!  

Summer in bayside is wonderful! 

Visit Jojo’s Greens at  280A Highett Rd, Highett VIC 3190
Jump on their website, check out their instagram and Facebook.

Today we are giving away Herb Box (with choice of herbs available at the time) and also a Grow @ Home Kit.
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