Jonny and Isobel | Engagement Portrait New Town

Isobel was the year below me at school, and I only really got to now her once school had finished and she started to mix with some of my other friends. Now she is engaged to a nice Scotsman and we are really looking forward to doing their wedding photography in January.

Our shoot location is down a backstreet in New Town. I managed to get a little lost looking for the café we were meeting in and luckily found this great little spot. It goes to show that getting lost does pay off.
We had a bit of a good time taking the photos, jumping on walls, wondering if we were tress passing and generally taking some good photos of good people. This wedding is going to be great, really looking forward to meeting the Scottish contingent because who doesn’t like a Scotsman (apart from the English, yes I saw Braveheart)