Jude and Peyton

“It’s freezing Mummy” is the quote from the shoot, and Peyton was right, it was very very cold! The shoot was organised by Nicole as a surprise for her husband Kevin, Jude and paton’s father, and it would still be a surprise except Jude filled his Dad in on what they had done that morning “We went to the museum and a man took our photos!”.

We wandered around the inverek area, playing with the train tracks and Jude’s Percy toy, while Peyton was happy just carrying around Dolly!

As it was a bit to cold in te shadows (where I normally like to shoot) we explored taking photos in the warm sunlight! We managed to get some great shots there too!


This shoot was also fantastic for finding some great complimentary colour backgrounds. I always will look at what kids are wearing and find a background that really helps make them stand out, which really makes for more dynamic images.